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What they say about me and the process we had

Rulito’s dedication for the whole process is amazing. She really cares about obtaining the best possible final product.

Where can I begin? Rulito understood both how I loved my logo and how I worked. She gave me her point of view and her beyond constructive criticism. She understood my idea and made me part of the process of the work which turn out excellent. We hope we can continue working together in those stages that, eventually, we will round them up. Needless to say that I always recommend everyone to use Rulito’s services.

Working with Ruli made the process more dynamic and, above all, enjoyable. She always came up with solutions and ideas whenever we felt blocked with decisions. She was there for us in every step of the process. She managed to show everything we were looking for in the design by keeping the harmony, adding freshness to our image and, at the same time, maintaining our homemade style. Thank you Ruli for your dedication and professionalism! It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m pretty sure we are going to continue doing so. #AlwaysTeamRuli.

First, I want to highlight how incredible is being able to share my profession with friends, where two different professions are bonded and boosted. She is a designer and I am an architect, and we were both able to see in the other something that can improve our work. Second, Anto is a very sweet person who takes time to listen to your needs related to the design. We built a great professional relationship that helped me found my identity within the brand. In this sense, we were able to decide on colors, typographies and a logo that adjusted perfectly to my vision. I was delighted with the result, as it is a complete representation of what I wanted. However, I want to emphasize the importance of the process, which is, actually, what makes the design much stronger and with a much solid foundation. Thank you, Rulito!

Torini Jewelry is a family business in which every member plays a roll. My daughter, Antonella, who is in charge of all the visual communication, is a very professional woman. She takes her job seriously. She plans and organizes her agenda, meetings, and deliveries while maintaining her creativity always present. In spite of the family bond, we managed to keep the work dynamic. I hope we can keep working this way and move forward together.

For my brand, Anto was a before and after experience. She helped me create my logo, which was a search guided by her. We were able to define colors, shapes and typographies. I felt really supported throughout the whole process, not only with the logo but with all the work that came after. Anto is organized, reliable, and an extremely detailed person!! She is an excellent professional, but, above all, an excellent person. I recommend working with her 100%. And, I love her a lot!

From “Fundación Multipolar-Conectando polos para la equidad social”, we would like to tell you that Antonella, with her business venture“Rulito Creativo”, has dedicated so much time, patience and heart to our social media and to many products that our foundation creates in the different social ventures for the homeless or extremely vulnerable people, alongside social economy actors and entrepreneurs. She brings graphic beauty, professionalism and style to all of them. In this sense, Rulito Creativo is also part of the “inclusive value chain” of the products and services that Multipolar offers to the State, companies and citizens. This teamwork will strengthen the Foundation and, consequently, generate decent employment for many who have not had fair opportunities in life. It is worthy to mention Anto’s sympathy, hard-working attitude and great energy that invests into each project. She is definitely an amazing ally for all of our projects!

Anto was responsible for the holistic design and execution of my book cover. I use the word “holistic” because it was more than the delivery of the design. She verified that each detail came out perfect in the edition; she chose the right type of paper, the exact color. What I value the most about working with her was that she understood the concept of my project and collected my twisted and chaotic ideas to put them together in a meaningful proposal that followed the line of my book. And, I loved it.